Get a party bus rental for Winter Fest OC in 2015 at the OC Fairgrounds.
Get a party bus rental for Winter Fest OC in 2015 at the OC Fairgrounds.

                  The holiday season is in full gear with the new year just around the corner and multiple different winter holidays finishing up for all lifestyles. After enjoying some quality time with your loved ones and friends, it is time to get back out there. And what better than to get on to one of our Party Bus 4 Us party bus rentals for the winter holiday! A great event to go to in the Orange County area for you and your party is definitely Winter Fest OC. Winter Fest has been open since December 15 at the OC Fairgrounds, and is going on until January 5th.

This experience is a great time for families and groups of friends alike. With many different attractions such as skating on their quality ice rink or looking at the Festival of Lights that is housed at this event, it is fit for all ages. The value of Winter Fest can not be overstated either, as tickets sit at about $10 per person. Prices will vary based on what night you attend.

Why Get a Winter Party Bus Rental?

The only downside to such an event is usually the friction that the crowd will bring on your night out. Parking at an event such as this is always a hassle. Also, worrying about staying sober to ensure your own safety. A winter party bus rental would be an awesome way to engage with this fantastic spectacle! Our certified drivers will get you there and back with the assuredness of a safe, very fun ride on a party bus! No driving, and a fun time even while you are in transit!

Just by going to our party bus rentals page, you can instantly start searching for a bus that fits your great winter adventure. Our prices page will also give you insight into the cost of your five-star ride. You can also call our phone number located on the home page of our website for a free quote.

Make sure to visit Winter Fest OC and make your winter party bus rental with Party Bus 4 Us!