Inside shot of a Party Bus 4 Us luxury party bus that is available for rental.

With rush week just coming to an end in most Cal State colleges and other places, greek life is starting up once more for the 2019-2020 year. Famously, with greek life comes many fun events, usually the typical house party. However, if your sorority or fraternity are looking to take your fun out into the town, well Party Bus 4 Us is definitely for you! Because we offer party busses that can hold all the way up to fifty passengers. These busses include speakers, colorful lights, a top of the line sound system (which your party can connect to), complementary cups and ice along with three coolers for any beverages that you wish to take on board. Your ride on of our  top-rated busses will be like a party on its own! So, if you are in the Orange County or Los Angeles area then we got you covered. 


A great reason, among many, to use our party busses is for your own safety! For those who are of legal age, greek life is synonymous with alcohol. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. You have your whole life ahead of you and do not risk that or the safety of others to save a quick buck. Our busses will get you to your location stress free, allowing to enjoy your night with no stress and safety. To get a free quote, go ahead and call us at 800-456-4440.  We have some of the best customer service according to Yelp! users  who frequently mention how easy it is to call and get a quote.


Make Party Bus 4 Us the transportation for all your event needs. With our high quality busses and affordable prices, we offer the best service for you and your fellow organization members. Make your next ride a party!