Students on a college campus that could rent a party bus for transportation.
Students on a college campus that could rent a party bus for transportation.

The academic year of 2019 has began to kick into gear, and for many students this means LOTS of studying. What’s a good way to take a break from this lengthy grind?  A party bus of course! Many colleges such as Cal State Long Beach and Orange Coast College fall within our range of service and we would be more than willing to take you and friends out for a night of fun with high quality transportation at cheap prices. Want to go bowling? Hit the pier?  You name it, we’ll take care of the ride, making your night stress-free with the best party bus rental in SoCal. 

Transportation in College

Transportation can be tough in college, many first-year students are not allowed to have their cars on campus. Party Bus 4 Us is the best mix between fun and affordable available for students just getting the hang of the whole “being an adult” thing. Unfortunately being an adult also means making your own appointments, but do not worry! With one phone call, you can get a free quote on your party bus rental in SoCal.

Still skeptical? Check our Yelp page, many of our customers are amazed at how easy it is to communicate with our friendly staff. Even if you are a student with personal transportation, a party bus is still great for you! Need to transport your club or other organization members? Look no further, one of our party busses would be a great choice to transport you to your next organized event or a night out with your friends. Being a college student is a tough gig in the modern world, usually including sleepless nights and a lot of expenses. We understand and will give you a cost-effective rate with no headaches.

Give us a call at 800-456-4440 for your free quote and good luck with your classes!