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Seats 16

Seats up to 18

Seats 20

Seats up to 20

up to 22

Seats up to 20

Seats 24

Seats up to 24

Seats 28

Seats up to 28

Seats 28

Seats up to 28

Seats 32

Seats up to 28

Seats up to 32

Seats up to 32

Seats 35

Seats up to 35

party bus for 40

Seats up to 40

Seats up to 40. Reatroom

Seats up to 40…. Restroom!!

party bus for 45

Seats up to 45



So Now We Get Questions Like These…

HEY…!   Are You Guys Licensed And Insured? 

YES WE ARE!  And in a few paragraphs I will show you how to check our or any other party bus company’s current license status on the California Public Utilities Commission website!

Now just so you know, here’s why many party bus companies are currently operating illegally without a license or insurance…

See… in the recent CHP crackdown, many party bus operators lost their license : (  ahhhh… but they kept their party bus(es) and now just totally operate illegally without a license! They probably like it more that way because without a license they can’t get insurance so they save a ton of money on insurance premiums! That allows them to offer a really cheap rate on the internet and stay really busy until they get caught : / … hopefully soon!

WAIT… WHAT?  NO license and NO insurance! That means if I rent a party bus from an unlicensed operator it could get towed while I am at the club or school dance… and if the bus gets in an accident their won’t be any insurance money to cover my injuries!! That’s right! You catch on fast…you’re one of the smart ones : ) !


HEY…!  They Were Advertising on The Internet So They Must Be Legal… Riiiight?

uhhhh NO! See, many “Party Bus Companies” advertising on the internet do not NOW nor did they ever have a state TCP license and many that did have a state TCP license have recently lost their license so they should not be advertising without a license but none of those pesky legal details have stopped them from boldly advertising on the internet that they are fully licensed and insured!

SO DON’T GET FOOLED…. by pretty websites, fast talking sales people or cheap rates!  It’s easy to protect yourself by checking a party bus company out before you rent their party bus!


HEY….!  How Do I Check A Party Bus Company’s Current License And Insurance Status?

TCP number


First, take a look at the back of our bus. See our TCP number under the license in the picture? 18080… And on the right rear fender you see our legal company name Majestic Limo Services Inc.  

1… now click  California Public Utilties Commission

2… enter our company TCP number in carrier id box 18080 ( no letters)

3— click submit and that will show you the states “basic details” information box for our company. It’s electronically updated in real time so the information is always current!

Here’s what you want to look for ….

Notice our carrier number and carrier name MATCH what’s on our bus! And our carrier status is ACTIVE. Further down you will see our insurance carrier information. If we did not have insurance that box would be blank! So as you can see we our licensed and insured so we check out! OK TO USE US!

To check out another company before leaving the State Licensing site just hit your back button and repeat steps 1 – 3.


A- A TCP number that does NOT match the company name or dba…. if they don’t match, they gave you a fake name or someone elses number… not a good sign : /!

B- The Carrier Status line should say ACTIVE… not pending, suspended, revoked or under investigation GULP!

C- Blank insurance box means NO insurance… don’t listen to stories or excuses… RUN… they’re not insured!

Please take the time to protect yourself!! Check that company out, especially if they offered you a real nice cheap rate!



We are SPAB certified by CHP meaning we are licensed to transport children to and from school activities. Most Party Bus Companies are not SPAB certified so beware! But All of our buses are certified by CHP as a Student Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) .  Which means our drivers, buses and terminal must past the same rigourous CHP inspection the daily school bus company does. We are very student friendly and we follow all the rules so everyone has a good time but stays safe!





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