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Our Most Popular Party Bus Rentals Are The BIG Ones!

Our 35 to 45 Passenger Party Bus Rentals Get Booked Up FAST!

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Safety, Clean party buses, experience party bus drivers and very reasonable party bus rental rates!

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We offer a fleet of 12 party bus rentals and an unparalled safety record! No accidents in 10 years. We know for a fact some of our major competitors are currently fighting several accident lawsuits! They hired inexperienced drivers for low pay to cut expenses and offer cheap rates! Now they know hiring inexperienced party bus drivers is just a bad idea! Driving a bus full of people screaming, shouting, laughing and blasting the sound system is extremely challenging and takes a very special experienced driver! We pay our drivers more to attract the best, most experienced ones to work for us and drive for you!! And we count on your generous tips to make their challenging job one they are happy to do. Thank You!

Now what about preventive maintenance? Our in house ASE Certified mechanic inspects all our buses weekly! We believe in fix it at the yard …. not on the side of the road with you in it! We regulary replace belts, hoses and tires and every 45 days we do a bumper to bumper inspection of each of our buses …. all of that is expensive so many companies skip all of that to cut costs and offer dirt cheap rates but… I would rather ride with a company that does all the preventive maintenace and hires very experienced drivers… wouldn’t you?

So To Sum It All Up…

  • All Of Our Party Bus Rentals Are Very Affordable But Not The Cheapest!
  • The Cheapest Rental Rate Isn’t Good If The Service Is Bad Or The Bus Breaks Down
  • Our Company Holds CHP’s Highest Rating For Safety… No Accidents In 10 Years
  • We Spend Big Bucks On Maintenance… We Believe In Fix It At The Yard… Not On The Road
  • Our Drivers Are Experienced Party Bus Drivers… They Won’t Freak Out When You Get Loud
  • You Get All The Greats… Great Bus… Great Rate… Great Driver!  Time To Have A GREAT Time!


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