Q. How Many Butts Fit In A 20 Passenger Party Bus?

A. Depends On The Butt Size Of The Passengers

Sounds like a parlor joke but you can seriously disappoint people that are left behind because there is NO seat for them on the party bus!

Passenger Size Matters in Party Bus Rentals!

Party Bus seating is just like the sofa at home.... The SIZE of the people sitting on the sofa will determine how many can sit on the sofa! So just because a company says their party bus will seat 20 passengers don't assume your 20 passengers will fit unless you know how they calculated that maximum seat number.  Beware! Many companies falsely claim their bus will seat more passengers then it actually does :/

How we Calculated Home Many Passengers Fit In Our Party Bus Rentals!

We did not use any fancy formulas... we used drivers! We had two 200 pound drivers play leapfrog on the seats and counted leaps : ).  So when we say 20 passengers will fit in our bus we mean twenty 200 pounders!! Now if your passengers weigh less you can add to the number, if they weigh more subtract! Hopefully, you know how fat (lol) your friends are so now you can use your 5th grade math to choose your bus size. Haha just havin some fun with you but bus size is important.

If you don't want to do the math here are some good rule of thumbs....

We Offer Three Seating Sizes

small party bus rentals seat up to 22.  For Comfort we suggest 18 Adults. 18 to 22 Students.

medium party bus rentals  seat up to 32.  For Comfort we suggest 26 -30 Adults. 28 to 32 Students.

large party bus rentals seat up to 45.  For Comfort we suggest 40-43 Adults. 43 to 45 Students.


We Serve All OF Orange County And Most Of Los Angeles County

Our Party Bus Company serves ALL cities in Orange County and many cities in Los Angeles but they are two very large counties so our party bus rentals are stored in terminals throughout. All Orange County Party Bus Rentals and most Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals along with our  OC Party Bus Rentals and LA Party Bus Rentals are also served from our strategically located main terminal.


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