Best Party Bus Rental Orange County

What's The Best Party Bus Rental In Orange County CA?


How to pick the Best Party Bus Rental Orange County CA? There is no easy answer because it comes down to how much you want to spend, where you are going and what you want to do with your party bus rental but I can give you some good advice on how to decide.

For example...

Say you have 40 people going to Vegas from Orange County.  In this situation I would say picking the Best Party Bus Rental in Orange County for this trip is going to be fairly easy. It's the one with a restroom. 40 people drinking alcohol, especially beer, are going to want to use the restroom quite a lot on a trip to Vegas from Orange County.  So without a restroom all those stops  could turn a 4.5 hour trip into a 9 hour trip!

But let's say you have 40 students going to their Prom Dance. Well in this situation you are going to be local so you really don't need a restroom. So why pay extra for it.

Yes, party buses with restrooms cost more. there is usually an extra $100 use fee and some Orange County party bus companies also charge a $100 dump fee.

There are two more important considerations before deciding which is the best party bus rental Orange County for you.  Passenger capacity and outer appearance.

Passenger capacity is a no brainer ... you have to have enough seats for your passengers! But why pay extra for seats you don't need? This is where planning comes into play. Consider the number of guests you will have on your party bus rental AND what size are they. Students are normally smaller. Average size adults are in the 150 to 170 lb range and larger adults are 175 and up.

Party bus rentals have lounge size seat so there are no individual seats like there are in a charter bus. A 27 passenger charter bus has 27 seats... period. A 27 passenger party bus has up to 27 seats depending on the size of each passenger. It's important to know the size of your passengers and order a party bus large enough to accommodate all of them.

How about appearance? Is it important to you? I already know no one wants to show up in a beat up old dog of a party bus so that's not the question. Here's the real question... are you willing to accept a slightly older model to save some money or do you absolutely have to have the newest model no matter how much it costs.

Restroom, passenger capacity and outer appearance are the three main determining factors for most people trying to decide on what or which is the best party bus Orange County CA.  What's yours?

Maybe there should be a Best Party Bus Rental Orange County category in the Best of Orange County section of Orange Coast magazine. But as of right now you won't able able to vote for Best Party Bus Rental Orange County in any published mags that I know of : /.

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