Cheap Party Bus Rentals

Are Cheap Party Bus Rentals Worth It?

YES! But ONLY if the company offering you cheap party bus rentals is licensed and insured! If they are not your “party” could end quickly when your cheap party bus rental is being TOWED AWAY and you are left standing in the street without a ride!!

A lot of callers are looking for cheap party bus rentals!  We get it! Everyone wants to have a good time and save money too! Can’t say I blame ’em… I wanna do that too! That is why we offer affordable party bus rental rates in every size category of the party bus rentals we offer! That’s different from most party bus companies who have a one size fits all pricing structure.

When shopping for cheap party bus rentals please keep in mind that cheap party bus rentals in Orange County are going to have a slightly higher rate then cheap party bus rentals in Los Angeles County. To get more info on what makes our pricing different visit the area you are

So no post about cheap party bus rentals would be complete without mentioning the problems involved with renting one.  And some callers don’t just want a cheap party bus rental … they are searching for a really cheap rates or maybe even the cheapest party bus rates on the planet lol.

So to be clear, we offer cheap party bus rentals but we tell the really cheap and cheapest callers you would probably be better off in yer buddies van because the really cheap party bus rentals are almost always POS’s and the owners are usually unlicensed, uninsured crooks!

That’s an important heads up for you because the biggest problem with renting cheap party bus rentals is the company offering the cheap rate is, in many instances, not licensed or insured. So great! He saved a ton of money by not paying for insurance and you saved a few bucks but you could suffer some serious consequences! Here’s why…

See, to run a legal party bus rental company you need a special license called a TCP number. You’ve probably seen that number on passing limos, buses and those black Lincoln sedans! You also need need to carry $5 million in insurance to be legal! And you have to spend a lot of cash on preventive maintenance to pass CHP annual inspections. They wanna know the vehicle you are in is safe. And they wanna know you are covered if it gets in an accident with you in it! Makes sense right?

All of that can easily add up to $100k a year for a large company and $15 to $20k for a smaller one! By not being licensed or insured the illegal operator saves a ton of money and offer really cheap party bus rental rates legitimate companies can not compete with!!

So if a company is offering you a really cheap party bus rental or maybe the cheapest party bus rate ever… BEWARE … you could be riding in an unlicensed and uninsured party bus! Sometimes we ask the caller what company gave you that really cheap rate… they tell us and we quickly look them up to see if they have a license… DOH! No license! When we report that to the caller they often say “yeah… we know but we just want the cheapest rate and we probably won’t get in an accident or anything like that.”

PROBABLY TRUE … It is much more likely one of these things will happen….

  • Your party bus gets stopped by Police or CHP for a traffic violation
  • Your party bus is boarded by Police while you are in the club or event
  • Your party bus runs into a special party bus and limo checkpoint

If your really cheap unlicensed, uninsured bus rental gets stopped by Police or CHP for ANY of the above reasons they will ask to see license and insurance paperwork! Uh – Oh! Not having those two little items adds up to instant, on the spot TOW JOB!!

And when your party bus gets TOWED you have to get out of it NOW! Your party ends here!!

You will probably be a little tipsy and you could even be in the middle of a bad neighborhood with all your party clothes on….  GULP!  You will be praying UBER can get to you before the gang bangers do! And for your sake,…  I hope UBER wins!!

Now, if your unlicensed, uninsured really cheap party bus gets boarded while you are in the club or at the concert etc… It will be GONE when you come out. So will the driver and he/she won’t be taking your frantic calls! So once again… it’s UBER for you! And what’s worse is tomorrow you all have to track down your purses, cell phones and whatever else you left in the bus! Hope they are still there!

Oh yeah… there is one slightly better scenario… your party bus runs into a license and insurance checkpoint in a safe, well lit area. That’s what is happening in the video below! You still have to call UBER but look at the bright side…. at least you won’t be running from the gang bangers and you get to take your stuff with you!

See what a mess this can turn into…  do you really want to take all that risk just to get a really cheap party bus rate! My answer would be NO and I hope yours is also!

So CALL US! We don’t offer really cheap party bus rentals  or the cheapest ones on the planet but we really do offer cheap party bus rental rates AND unlike so many internet fakes, frauds and phonies, we really are licensed and insured!

You can see our license is active and our insurance is in force by clicking CA Transportation Authority and entering our TCP number “18080” in the carrier ID box!

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