Fountain Valley Party Bus Rentals

Save Money On A Fountain Valley Party Bus Rental!

Low Rental Prices And 5 Star Service

Don't spend more then you need to for a good time in our Fountain Valley Party Bus Rentals! Time and again our customers tell us they booked with us because they liked our 5 star rating and we had the best rental prices.

When you rent a party bus from US our 5 star reviews tell you that you can trust us to show up right on time in a clean party bus with a fun, safe, experienced party bus Driver at the wheel.

And everything will be working! AC, fun limo and laser lights, an awesome sound system and the all important a dance pole will be there! Just load up your beverages and playlist to get the party started.

Most Accurate Party Bus Rentals Prices

You can see our base rates at party bus prices but keep in mind many factors influence our final party bus rentals prices. Things like day of week, time of day, how many hours, destination and of course, amount of fuel used!

That's why we strongly suggest you pick the party bus rental you want to rent and then call and speak to our friendly reservationist to get our most accurate Fountain Valley Party Bus Rental Prices!

We take calls from 9am to 6pm Monday through Sunday or you can also request an email quote but you will get our lowest and most accurate quote by calling us and giving us all the details of your adventure.

Pick Your Party Bus Rental Size Here

Renting the right size party bus is important so here is the unsophisticated formula we used to insure our seat count was accurate... We had two 200lb Drivers play leapfrog on the benches and counted their leaps! LOL So we guarantee our buses will seat the stated number off 200 pounders! 

Click to see our small party bus rentals (up to 30 passengers) or large party bus rentals (35 to 50 passengers).

Fun Things To Do And Places To Go!

Seems like many events, venues and points of interest can easily be reached from the city of Fountain Valley. So here's the short list of FUN things we see people do....

  • Pier Hop .... Piers are full of fun experiences... grab a party bus and hop frpm pier to pier!
  • Progressive Dinner... Fountain Valley is full of cool restaurants so grab some friends, rent a party bus and eat well!
  • Saturday Afternoon Bar Crawl... Another great way to have a great time and avoid the DUI... take a party bus!
  • Cabazon Shopping Outlet... Guys? Ladies? Let's hit it!! Grab a cool party bus and fill it up with shopping bags!
  • Temecula Wine Tours are an awesome experience.....
  • Malibu Winery Tour... Another fun winery cruise in a party bus

Popular Party Bus Road Trips From Fountain Valley

Las Vegas Is Always Fun In A Party Bus

We do Las Vegas trips September to June. In July and August we have a limited schedule so please ask reservationist.

San Diego Party Bus Destinations

Gas Lamp Party District. Little Italy and the San Diego Zoo are all fun destinations.

All Aboard For Santa Barbara Wineries

Santa Barbara Wineries are a fun trip from Fountain Valley in a party bus.

Palm Springs Party Bus Rentals

Take a Fountain Valley Party Bus Rental to Palm Springs and have a fun time going and coming too!

We Are Very Social!

Please feel free post pictures from your fun time on our Instagram Facebook or Google+ so your friends & family can see what you've been up to... Hmmmm maybe NOT! lol  OK so maybe no photos but how about posting that fun video you made on our YouTube channel.

Our Sites Most Info Packed Pages

For more savvy info on how to have a great time in a party bus rental visit our homepage at Party Bus 4 Us. We are confident you will find the perfect Party Bus for your party bus group because you can search our site by bus size at Party Bus Rentals.