Wondering How Much Is A Party Bus?

Soooo how much is a party bus? Best answer... Call US! I am serious. It sounds like such a simple question but it's a question with many, many answers. That's why the best way to find out how much is a party bus is to CALL US!

We often get text, VM's and emails asking how much is a party bus? We cannot answer the question without more information. See, the rental cost depends on what size, what day, what date, what destination. Other considerations are... is it a day or night reservation and for how many hours.

So you see there is no simple answer to the question how much is a party bus? That's why the best way to get an accurate answer to the  The best way to get an accurate answer is to call us, Our very friendly reservationist will be happy to answer all your questions, help you pick the right party bus and give you an accurate quote on rental cost.

As an example of price variance consider this... If you ask us how much is a party bus rental rate for Los Angeles and Orange County pickups and destinations the answer is going to be much less than a rental rate for travel to San Diego, Palm Springs or Las Vegas. Makes sense, right?

That's why we no longer post rates on the internet.  We don't want to confuse or scare customers away by posting the wrong rate. And we realllleee do not want to make them mad at us for stating one rate on the internet and quoting a different rate when they call us to book. So again, please CALL US to get an accurate rental quote.

Safety Concerns

In all our posts we remind you that there are many unlicensed and uninsured individuals operating under the radar of law enforcement. Please be careful not to book a party bus with these individuals as their vehicles have not passed CHP safety inspections and their drivers are not in the state mandated random drug testing program.

We ARE the good guys who ARE licensed and insured so all of our buses ARE in the California State mandated programs for vehicle safety and all of our drivers ARE in the State's random drug testing program for drivers.

So our party bus rentals do undergo state required safety inspections every 45 days to correct any potential safety issues before you get in the bus AND all of our drivers have a minimum of 3 years commercial driving experience and must participate in state monitored random drug testing program or they cannot drive for us..

Yes we do a lot of safety stuff so you can put away the worry and go for having a really fun time in our safe, clean party bus. Call us when you want to know how much is a party bus. We are always happy to help!

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