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Party Bus Companies!

So I searched Google for Party Bus Companies Los Angeles and got a page full of results. Then I started checking them out and I was shocked at what I found! My search for Party Bus Companies Los Angeles revealed the following...

Many Party Bus Companies in Los Angeles are NOT party bus companies at all! Yes... You read that right! See on the internet there are many "pretenders". Pretenders are websites that have scraped photos of real party buses from legitimate party bus company websites and then use those photos to build a website offering party bus rentals to the public. The pretenders are also known as Brokers or Promoters. Hustlers or scam artist would also be appropriate since they do not disclose that they do not own the party buses .

So the problem for anyone who searches for Party Bus Companies Los Angeles is this... seperating the fakes from the real party bus companies! WOW! See the pretenders do NOT have any party buses but they never disclose that to you. I will explain how that can hurt you in a monment but first let me explain how the pretenders operate.

You visit their website, and to be honest, many of the pretender websites look better then the real party bus companies website. You dial for a quote and a very talented, professional salesperson answers your call and sells you on paying a higher then normal price for the party bus rental you saw on their website.

They are persuasive so you book a party bus rental with the pretender, broker or promoter. Then they call a real party bus company, get a lower price and book you with them. They pocket the difference between what you paid them and what they paid the real party bus company. Nice easy way to make money, huh?

But here's how booking with one of the pretenders can hurt you! See, real party bus companies do not like pretenders because they are not truthful and they steal customers and run up prices.

So let's say you book with a pretender and they book with a real party bus company and tell you that you are all set! But then another customer calls the real party bus company and books the same party bus the pretender booked for you... guess what happens to the pretenders' booking?

That's right! The pretenders booking (your booking) gets cancelled! And all of a sudden you are no longer all set... you are now scambling to find a party bus rental! We get lots of last minute desperation calls from people who just had their party bus rental cancelled because they booked with a pretender! Especially during Prom season. So be careful who you book with!

Avoid booking with Internet Brokers and Promoters to protect yourself!

When you do a search for Party Bus Companies Los Angeles, partybus4us will appear! We are one of the Los Angeles Party Bus Companies that own our party buses so we are real!

Party Bus Companies Los Angeles - Eliminating The Pretenders

Here's how to determine if you are dealing with a real party bus company or a pretender! To protect yourself from the pretenders just ask for their TCP Number! If they cannot or will not give you their TCP number don't book with them.... somethings fishee.

If they give you their TCP number go to CA Public Utilities Transportation Authority to check it. Just type in the TCP number in the Carrier ID box and you will get their information. You ONLY want their license to say ACTIVE! Not pending, suspended or revoked! On the same page you will see their list of insurance policies. Now you know they are also insured!

So if they are licensed and insured they are a real party bus company and not a pretender.

This partybus4us website and blog is owned by Majestic Limo Service Inc. You can see our license is active and our insurance is in force by clicking CA Public Utilities Transportation Authority and entering our TCP # 18080... in the Carrier ID box.  Hope you book with us!

Thank You for reading my blog post. Hope you found it interesting and helpful. Please feel free to browse our site and contact us for rate and reservation information. Or for more info on party bus rentals please visit our homepage at:

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