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Q. How Many Butts Fit In A 20 Passenger Party Bus?

A. Depends On The Butt Size Of The Passengers

Sounds like a parlor joke but you can seriously disappoint people that are left behind because there is NO seat for them on the party bus!

Party Bus seating is kind of like the sofa at home.... The SIZE of the people will determine how many can sit on the sofa! So just because it says 20 passengers don't assume your 20 passengers will fit unless they are all 200 lbs or less. Here's how OUR seating capacity is determined.

Jeff and I are BOTH 200 pounders! We played leap frog on the seats and counted how many 200 pounders would fit in each bus.....

So when we say 20 passenger that's 20 200 lb people.

When we say 30 passenger that's 30 200 lb people.

We guarantee that so NO REFUNDS! Please do not call and ask for refunds. Absolutely NO refunds will be granted due to your group could not seat everyone due to large size individuals. Seriously... you know your group! If they trend to the larger size... book a bigger bus!

For local trans that's fine but for longer distance I would subtract 1 or 2 for maximum comfort.

Alrighteee now that we got the seating business handled let's book something and start looking forward to the PARTEEEE



We Offer Three Seating Sizes

small party bus rentals seat up to 20.  For Comfort we suggest 18 Adults. 18 to 20 Students.

medium party bus rentals  seat up to 32.  For Comfort we suggest 26 -30 Adults. 28 to 32 Students.

large party bus rentals seat up to 45.  For Comfort we suggest 40-43 Adults. 43 to 45 Students.

Alrighteee now that we got the seating business handled let's book something and start looking forward to the PARTEEEE

PLEASE read this...

We do not guess at how many passengers a particular party bus will seat! When we say a party bus seats up to X number that is based on California Highway Patrol stated seating capacity for that bus. Their seating formula is as follows: take the total surface seating area inches... divide by 16 inches for an adult butt and 13 inches for a student butt and wolaaah you have the total seating capacity for a sofa style limo or party bus seating arrangement.

Our  "up to" stated number of seats for each party bus is "student size butts"...  so up to 20 passengers means up to 20 students or people with 13 inch butts.  Most Adults have a 16 inch or more butt width so you should adjust the "up to" number for Adults to be comfortable.

We guarantee our party buses WILL seat the stated "up to" number of passengers based on CHP seating guidelines for an "average student butt of 13 inches" and we told you to adjust for Adults when ordering your party bus. So because seating capacity varies based on individual butt sizes we do not guarantee YOUR 20 passengers will fit in our 20 passenger party bus. Unless of course they are ALL have 13 inch butts which is what our "up to" number is based on.


Wondering If We Serve Your City?

Our Party Bus Company serves ALL cities in Orange County and many cities in Los Angeles but they are two very large counties so our party bus rentals are stored in terminals throughout. All Orange County Party Bus Rentals and most Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals are dispatched from our strategically located main terminal. OC Party Bus Rentals and LA Party Bus Rentals are also served up from satellite terminals in each county.  Two easy ways to see if we serve your city 1- Click on your county: Orange County Party Bus or Los Angeles Party Bus. 2- Click on cities we serve. Thank you for taking the time to read up on our Company.


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