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Don't spend more then you need to for a good time in a Downey Party Bus Rental! Time and again customers tell us they booked with us because we offer the Cheapest Party Bus Rental Prices in Downey.  That's nice to hear but the truth is there are a lot of companies offering cheap rates on party bus rentals in Downey. What's cool about us is ... we also offer 5 Star rated service to go with our cheap rental prices.

See, when you book your party bus rental from us you will get a very affordable rate from a 5 star YELP and GOOG rated party bus company that you can trust. Our fun, safe, experienced party bus driver will show up right on time in a clean party bus, with an awesome sound system, dance pole, laser lights and a wetbar with ice and cups! Just load up your beverages and playlist to get the party started.

You can see our base rates at party bus prices but keep in mind many factors influence your final party bus rental price. Things like day of week, time of day, how many hours, destination etc. That's why we strongly suggest you call and speak to our friendly reservationist for an exact quote for your Downey Party Bus Rental.

We take calls from 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday or you can also request an email quote.

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Click to see our small party bus rentals (up to 30 passengers) or large party bus rentals (35 to 50 passengers). And for your comfort, please take a moment to read the following seating capacity info before choosing your party bus rental size.

Downey Party Bus Rental Seating Capacity



20 People Won't Always Fit
In A 20 Passenger Party Bus Rental.

Party Buses do not have individual seats. They have sofa style seating which means the seating capacity is based on individual passengers sizes. Our stated passenger capacities are based on CHP guidelines. You can learn more about CHP seating capacity guidelines here. So again, size of passengers will determine final seating capacity in our rentals.

Please be sure to rent a bus big enough for your party bus group.

Your Party Bus Group

We are confident you will find the perfect Party Bus for your party bus group because you can can search our site by bus size at Party Bus Rentals or by price at Party Bus Prices.

Fun Things To Do In A Downey Party Bus Rental

Seems like many events, venues and points of interest can easily be reached from the city of Downey. So here's the short list of FUN things we see people do....

  • Pier Hop .... Piers are full of fun experiences... grab a party bus and hop frpm pier to pier!
  • Progressive Dinner... Downey is full of cool restaurants so grab some friends, rent a party bus and eat well!
  • Saturday Afternoon Bar Crawl... Another great way to have a great time and avoid the DUI... take a party bus!
  • Cabazon Shopping Outlet... Guys? Ladies? Let's hit it!! Grab a cool party bus and fill it up with shopping bags!
  • Temecula Wine Tours are an awesome experience.....
  • Malibu Winery Tour... Another fun winery cruise in a party bus

Party Bus Destinations

For more fun party bus destinations check out Google's Downey Travel Guide or Trip Advisors Things To Do In Downey

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How To Avoid Illegal Downey Party Bus Rentals

CAUTION!! Some People Buy A Party Bus And 
Advertise But They Are NOT Licensed & Insured...

Unlicensed and Uninsured Party Bus Rentals can spoil your event when the party bus you rented gets towed away. Click "illegal operators" to learn more. The unlicensed, uninsured will LIE so click on license and insurance status to quickly check out current license & Insurance status of any transportation company.

Prom Party Bus Rentals In Downey...

It's always a pleasure to provide a safe ride for future graduates. Our school dance services are very popular in Downey. We offer special rates on party bus rentals for Winter formal, Homecoming and Prom Events.

Downey Party Bus Rentals To Temecula and Malibu Wineries

Wineries are always a FUN time! Take a party bus rental from Downey to the Temcula or Malibu wineries and make going and coming a memorable experience!

Wedding Party Bus Rentals

Our Wedding Party Bus Service is special. That's because we Love weddings almost as much as the future bride does.

Kids Party Bus Rental In Downey

Rent a party bus for your kids birthday party and they will have a blast. We know lots of fun destinations for party bus rentals so give us a call.

Beyond Downey -

We Serve Most Cities In Los Angeles And All Cities In Orange County

We are one of the Party Bus Companies that serve ALL cities in Orange County and almost all cities in Los Angeles. You can learn more about our service areas by clicking on OC Party Bus Rentals or  Orange County Party Bus Rentals for Orange County cities and LA Party Bus Rentals or Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals for Los Angeles cities.

Popular Party Bus Road Trips From Downey

Downey To Las Vegas Party Bus Rentals

We do Las Vegas trips September to June. In July and August we have a limited schedule so please ask reservationist.

Downey To San Diego Party Bus Rentals

Gas Lamp Party District. Little Italy and the San Diego Zoo are all fun destinations.

Downey To Santa Barbara Wineries

Santa Barbara Zoo and Wineries are a fun trip from Downey in a party bus.

Downey To Palm Springs Party Bus Rentals

We love Palm Springs! Take a Downey Party Bus Rental to Palm Springs and have a fun time going and coming too!




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