Where To Go On A Party Bus

Party Bus Destination Ideas!  Wondering where to go on a party bus? Here are some FUN places to go and things to do!! Our party bus destination ideas will give you some clues to make your event a memorable occasion.  The party bus destination ideas below are fun and pleasant because they lead to remarkable places, like Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, the Rose Bowl, Temecula Wine Tour and a lot more....

Check them out and if you need some advice feel free to call us. we've pretty much been to all of them many times.

Las Vegas Turn Arounds

We do Las Vegas trips September to June. It is very HOT going across the desert in July and August so we have a limited departure time schedule. Please ask reservationist for more details..

San Diego

San diego is a Southern California playground with fun plces like the Gas Lamp Party District, Little Italy and the San Diego Zoo. All are fun destinations.

Santa Barbara

YEP! We go to Santa Barbara quite often. Downtown, The Zoo and of course the Santa Barbara Wineries are all popular destinations.


Temecula Wineries are always a FUN time and a party bus makes going and coming a memorable experience!

Malibu Wineries


Palm Springs

We love Palm Springs! Palm Springs and have a fun time going and coming too!



5-De-Mayo-Party Bus

Cinco De Mayo
Cinco De Mayo is a great way to welcome the warm summer air and fun times! Grab a party bus and pier hop for Cinco De Mayo. I love doing this and I am absolutely sure you will too! Give it a try.

Halloween-Party Bus

A Halloween party bus way to get a little crazy on a crazy night! Why not do a haunted house party bus tour? Cruise together in a party bus on Halloween! Get funny & leave the driving hassle to us.


Prom Party Bus
Every year we have the pleasure of providing prom party bus rentals to so many young people celebrating their school dance! We love providing safe, fun, memorable rides to and from prom!

Wine Tour Party Bus

Brewery Party Bus Safari
Every year we have the pleasure of providing Brewery party bus rentals to craft beer officianados. We love providing safe, fun, memorable rides for Brewery Tours especially in summer months!

Christmas-Party Bus

Christmas Lights Tour
Christmas Light tours are very popular and a fun way to celebrate the season with your friends, family or co workers. I'll drive the party bus you bring the egg nog! Don't give me any even if I beg : ).

Knotts Berry Farm-Party Bus

Knott's Berry Farm
Forget about the rides... go for the food! This is one of my favorite theme parks to visit. All the little shops and well, alright, I love the rides too! Speaking of fun rides... get there in a party bus!

quinsianera party bus

Quinceanera  Party Bus
A party bus for Quinceanera really sets the tone for the celebration! We offer low Quinceanera party bus special rates! So why would we do that? Simple answer is.... We want to add to your celebration!

Pier Hopping Party-Bus

Santa Monica Pier
Colorful lights, excited sounds of fun and the scent of the ocean and carnival food wafting through the air! Gather your friends and family, grab a party bus and head for the Santa Monica Pier and FUN!

City Tour-Party BusCity Tour-Party Bus

Shop With The Wealthy
WOW... no better way to rub elbows with the rich and famous. Get your credit card out and go toe to toe with the big spenders in Bev Hills. This party bus ride is for big spenders only... Just kidding : )

Malibu-Party Bus

Malibu Wine Tour
We do Malibu winery tours all the time! Getting there can be tricky due to vehicle weight restricted roads! Our drivers know where they are so you won't lose time backtracking.

Real Estate Party Bus

Real Estate Tour
Does your office caravan new listings? Showing off a new listing to a group of investors? Why not make it a fun experience? Enjoy the comfort & convenience of touring homes in a party bus!

Temecula Party Bus

Temecula Wine Tour
Ahhhh Temecula wineries. What can I say ... so many wineries... so little time! Book a Temecula Winery Tour and I will drive. You can put me up in a B&B and we'll come back the next day haha

Amusement Park - Party Bus

Get GOOFY on the way to seeing Goofy lol. OR make it a family outing to see Mickey and Minnie  awwww. We offer some great day rate specials for this trip. Ask for them before you book.

New Year Party Bus

4th of July
I can't tell you how many families take a party bus from the family back yard BBQ to see an awesome fireworks display! They party all the way there and all the way back in swimsuits and shorts!!

Sport Events - Party Bus

Rose Bowl
Forget the Rose Bowl traffic! You won't even notice it because we'll be doing the driving while you and your group celebrate in our party bus! Getting to and from is much easier when someone else drives.

Universal Studios Party Bus

Universal Studio
Universal City Walk is a great destination for a party bus! I take one there quite often and it's always a great time for the people I am driving for : /. I wanna ride in the back and have fun too.


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