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Our LA Party Bus rental prices are hard to beat! We know you want a cool, clean, modern party bus rental AND a nice low LA Party Bus rate!  See, we get the whole pricing thing! We get tons of calls and everyone just wants to go have a good time and save money on LA party bus rental rates! So the geniuses in the front office came up with some cheap LA Party Bus rental rates that you will find hard to resist. So browse our site then call us... let's talk!!

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General Info About Our LA Party Bus Service

LA is one of the cities we serve in Southern California.  It is serviced by our LA Party Bus dispatch group. We offer small, medium and large party bus rental service in and around LA CA. Please feel free to call us for more LA Party Bus rental information, rates and reservations. Many LA events and points of interest are perfectly suited for party bus fun! You should also consider renting a party bus in LA and traveling to one of the many fun venues, restaurants, clubs and other recreation centers in and around LA.

LA Party Bus Rental LA

Party bus rental LA.... it's what we do!! One of the best sites for finding a party bus rental in LA. With 15 party buses we offer small, medium and large party buses. And we are one of the few companies with 5 large party buses in our fleet. Come check us out for a party bus rental LA CA. LA party bus rental is what we are all about and we offer a big variety of party bus rental choices in LA.

LA Party Bus LA Prices

Anywhere from a rock bottom low of $80 per hour to $380 per hour. However our party bus deals and specials are designed to save you money so before you book your party bus with another company check out our fleet and call us for a quote.

Cheap LA Party Bus Rates

Ahhhh yes.... we get lots of calls for cheap party bus rentals in LA so we offer lots of specials and deals so you can grab a cheap prty bus LA rental and have great time with the money you saved! Call us for cheap party bus rentals in LA.

Double decker LA Party Bus LA

Okay... honestly... we are not big fans of double decker party bus rentals in LA. Why not? Low ceilings and a pain to move around in them. And getting freaky on the dance pole, if it even has one, is next to impossible because ceilings are so low. We pass on double decker LA Party Bus rentals.

Club Crawl LA Party Bus  LA

If you are ready to do a party bus club crawl in LA so are we!! We do LA party bus club crawl runs just about every weekend. We know most of the best clubs but we are always open to hear about and hit your favorite.

LA Party Bus LA Passenger Sizes

We are one of the few companies in LA that offer 50 passenger LA Party Bus rentals.... click on large party bus rentals to see them. And just in case you have fewer passengers we also offer small party bus rental and medium party bus rental choices.

 LA Party Bus LA Rate Quote

It's hard to beat our LA party bus rates because we own our buses so their are no additional promoter fees or broker commissions added to the rate we  charge. So to get the best LA party bus rates book directly with us and save mone

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